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If you want to know how to win at the casino slot machines, then you won’t be disappointed as there are some effective methods to do so.

People play slot machine games to relax or get away from their problems for the day. For these individuals, winning a small amount of money consistently is far more rewarding than growing their bankroll.

In this article, we’ll go over how to beat online casinos and walk you through some of the best techniques and slot tips that will increase your chances of winning when playing slots online.

Here are some slot machine secrets and tips on how to win playing slot machines.

Tip 1: Don’t Be Tricked by Misleading Tricks

Buffalo slots gameplay

Some slot players say that watching the spinning reels and determining the best timing to land a pay line allows them to control when jackpots are won. Others suggested looking at ‘near misses’ to figure out when a slot machine is more likely to payout.

Anyone who understands how modern slots machines function will tell you that you are mistaken. The odds of winning on a slot machine are pre-calculated and in order for you to win, you need to have a lot of luck by your side. The slots software pre-determines which symbols will appear on the reels which are calculated by random number generators coded into the machine.

When a player is playing online slots and presses the spin button, the system has already decided what it will show in the back end, regardless of how you try to play.

The animations that you see on their slot display, such as the spinning reels and near misses, are all designed to keep players interested and amused and urge them to keep spinning.

With all that being said, there are still some hot slot machines, offering large payouts to a higher percentage of people. This is mainly due to misconfiguration or it could be designed this way to reel in more players where their profit margins are lower.

If you want to know which slot machines have the best payouts, read our article on the biggest slot machine wins in history and you’ll quickly see a pattern of the best slot machines with the highest odds of winning.

Tip 2: Practice Slots with Free Play

Online Casino Free spins programs

Free slot games are a must, allowing you to practice and get better at winning slot games. Instead of spending valuable money learning how a slot machine works, players may use free games to familiarize themselves with the game of choice and learn how to navigate the machine whether that is by unlocking secret bonus rounds or learning how to spin just a single reel of choice.

Despite slot machines being a game of chance, when you have no idea what you are doing you are essentially lowering your chances of winning. The best way to win slot machines is to just try it out for free, using free spins and then mastering the machine. This is by far one of the best ways to win money at the casino as you naturally increase your odds by understanding how to get more bang out of your buck.

We also wrote an article with Buffalo Slot Machine tips that you can check out before playing. Buffalo slot machines are widely popular and have some of the best slot machine odds.

Tip 3: Know Which Slot Machine Pays the Best

Best slot machine games to play

The best secret to slot machines is so simple that you might not even think about it. The best way to win at the casino is to know which slot machines have the best odds. There are tons of articles available, including our own that show which slot machines have the best payouts in history.

There are of course more than a handful of hot slot machine games, but rather than searching for a diamond in the rough, simply just stick to the main ones where the odds of winning are high.

Tip 4: Read Slot Machine Reviews

Rick Wilde and the Book of Dead

Read online slot reviews and watch slots videos on YouTube if you want to learn how to win at slot machines or which games have the greatest odds. These reviews and videos will tell you how to get bonus games, which features are the most lucrative, and whether a game is even worth your time and money.

You can often rely on the information provided as they are usually published by casino specialists instead of casino operators.

Don’t forget to conduct your research on casinos to find the fairest casinos to play at. Check out our full list of the best online casinos to ensure you are in safe hands. Each casino listed on our site has a full review which includes the restricted countries, payment methods, casino licenses, and more.

Tip 5: Understand The Concept of Variation

Casino Slots variation

The unpredictability of a game can have an impact on the gameplay style and bankroll of players. When someone talks about variation, volatility, or payment frequency, they’re talking about how often and how much a slot machine pays out.

Low volatility slots have a high frequency of wins, but the rewards are usually modest. High volatility slots have enormous payouts, but victories are rare.

Slot variance should be used to help players pick a game that fits their bankroll and gaming requirements. People who simply enjoy playing slots in their free time should pick low volatility slot machines, while players that are chasing a giant jackpot should focus their efforts on the high volatility machines.

Variance is not listed in pay tables but you can find this kind of information online by searching slot game reviews on Google or another search engine.

Tip 6: Keep an Eye Out For New Slots

New slots games at online casinos

I am aware that I just mentioned that you should stick to the few slot machine games that reward players well. However, new slots games should be tested out from time to time.

This is one of the best tricks to winning on slots machines at casinos because in some cases the casino operators haven’t configured the machine correctly. This could be due to many reasons and they could not have enough data for the random number generator on that specific game to know where the sweet spot lies that ensures they have the better odds.

Casinos, in general, prefer long-lasting slot machines, but they also want to make a quick profit. New machines might have better winning odds to entice players to enter their casino, whether that’s an online casino or a land-based casino.

Experienced players will be able to increase their winnings by playing these new modern slot machines with a high payback percentage. After around 50 spins you should be able to tell if your odds are higher than usual.

Tip 7: Understand Payout Percentages

How to win at casino slot machines - payout percentages

Every slot game has a Return-To-Player percentage (RTP), often known as the house edge or slot payout percentage. Regardless of the phrases used, the RTP always refers to the casino’s edge against a player winning.

The RTP of a slot machine is calculated over millions of reel spins to generate an average percentage of money returned to the player. So, if a game has an RTP of 96 percent, that indicates that for every $100 a player puts into the slot machine, they will get back $96.

This percentage is calculated over a long period, therefore players should use it as a guideline and keep track of their own spending.

RTP is one of the most significant tools for slot machine gamers. It shows them which slots have the best payout chances and which ones to avoid. While slots have an average RTP of 93-94 percent, players should look for games with an RTP in the mid-to high-nineties to increase their chances of winning.

Tip 8: Examine the Pay Table

Slot machine games pay table

A rather simple and small casino tip that is overlooked, looking at the pay table. As you might already know, slot machines work with many distinct symbols, hundreds of different chances to win, bonus games, and tons of other additional features. All games will have a pay table present that will show you all the information you need.

The winning combinations are the most important piece of information that you can utilize. You might find out, for example, that landing five cherries will net you 10,000 coins. Use this information to single our reels with high rewards so you can spin other reels in your favor. Doing this will increase your chances of getting the winning combination required to win a large progressive jackpot.

Tip 9: Utilize Bonuses to the Maximum

Free bonus programs at online casinos

Players have additional chances to earn money with bonus games. Free spins are the most popular bonus, but slot machine bonuses can also include wager multipliers and even massive jackpots.

Utilizing bonus features on big winning slots will see your profits soar through the roof. If you are playing one of the slot machines with the best odds of winning and you hit an incredible multiplier bonus, then this is your chance to strike. This is by far the best slots strategy that will boost your winnings significantly.

As mentioned before, always examine the paytable first to see whether the slot machine has any bonuses and if there are any wagering requirements to activate them.

Tip 10: Keep an Eye Out For Any Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements

Read the fine print before putting any money into an online casino. Some online casinos have high wagering requirements, which means that players must wager a certain amount of money with the site before winnings may be withdrawn.

Imagine winning a significant jackpot on a slot machine only to discover that you won’t be able to cash out unless you place more bets! Low-stakes players, particularly those who have used a free casino bonus, may never be able to meet the wagering requirement to withdraw their winnings.

This is not always a bad thing, players who are serious about playing won’t have any issues with this but if you are looking for a quick 5-minute jackpot win, then you might want to read the fine print first.

Tip 11: Organize your Bankroll

Organize your bankroll when playing slot machine games

The best slot players know how to keep track of their money. Slot machines, like all other casino games, can be played for a variety of stakes.

Gambling on slot machines with the max bet on a single spin is probably not going to work out for you. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your funds and to pace your wagers depending on your budget.

The big secret of slot machines is out the bag, and now that you know how to play slot machines at a casino (whether online or at a land-based casino), you should know how to win or at least increase your odds.

The main trick is to have patience and know what you are playing. Do a little research, our site has tons of information for new players as well as experienced players, and pick the right casino to play at. We also have various bonus programs listed in the menu above so be sure to check those out if your want to play at some of the best online casinos in the world.

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