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The Buffalo slot machine is a popular game in casinos around the world so learning how to play Buffalo slot machine games is important if you enjoy slots.

Since its launch on the casino floor in 2008, Aristocrat’s Buffalo slot machine has been a big success.

Buffalo Slots was once exclusively available in real-world locations and casinos. However, in 2012, a very acclaimed online version was released on various online casinos, making it one of the most popular slot machine games.

Buffalo slot machines provide some of the best graphics, engaging gameplay, and several wagering and winning options.

It was one of the first slot machines to replace the previous 243-way reel betting system with the Xtra Reel Power technology, which is much more reliable.

Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Blitz Megaways, Buffalo Gold slots, and the brand new Buffalo Diamond slots edition are just a few of the fantastic Buffalo slot machines available to play at online casinos or land-based casinos today.

However, the question is how do you play the Buffalo slots game? Well, here are the ways and Buffalo slot machine tips on how to play Buffalo slot machine games.

What Are The Gameplay Features and Mechanics? 

The absence of pay-lines on the Buffalo slot machine is one of the first things you’ll observe in playing. Typically, they’re employed to determine winning combinations on the reels.

Buffalo, being an Xtra Reel Power system game, instead provides players with a predetermined number of winning combinations on every spin. In the context of the casino Buffalo game, there are a total of 1,024 winning combinations in play.

The idea behind Xtra Reel Power games like the casino game Buffalo is that a successful pay line is formed whenever matching symbols occur on neighboring reels.

Despite the enormous number of winning combinations available, Buffalo’s payout table is very low, resulting in a medium range of unpredictability for players.

Regardless that the Aristocrat’s Buffalo slots are listed as a penny slot, the minimum bet per spin is $0.40. You can play for a cent in the real money slots game, but you’ll only get the first reel and one symbol on each of the next four reels.

The following is a breakdown of the credit cost to cover each reel for a Buffalo spin. One reel is for one credit, two reels are worth five credits, three reels are worth ten credits, four reels are worth twenty credits, and five reels are worth forty credits

You’ll have all 20 symbols on all five reels available to land winning combos if you play for $0.40 per spin. Buffalo’s coin range is $0.01 to $1.00, allowing high rollers to wager up to $40.00 every play when all five reels are covered.

Buffalo may also be played successfully with just three reels turned on, according to regular players. This is since scattered symbols in the Buffalo games remain active even if they appear on reels that have not been paid for.

In other words, gamers on a tight budget can play three reels for $0.10 per spin instead of five reels for $0.40, while retaining all scatter symbols in play. Even better, low-rollers who only have a few reels in play can still trigger the bonus round if all scatter symbols are in play.

Buffalo’s game play is set up like other Aristocrat slot games, with wild symbols, a free spins feature, bonus games and features, and multipliers. The Buffalo Stampede slot has a progressive jackpot, which is not available in the original Buffalo casino game.

Buffalo’s base game has a payout table that may appear to be poor at first glance, however, as an Xtra Reel Power game, the increased frequency of winning combinations compensates for this.

Five buffaloes pay out 300 credits in the Buffalo base game when all five reels are active. When all five reels are active, four buffaloes will pay out 250 credits, three buffaloes will pay out 200 credits, and two title symbols will pay out 50 credits.

What Are The Buffalo Slot Machine Symbols?

Scatter symbols, wild symbols, and other special bonus elements are included in the Buffalo games, making it both intriguing and rewarding to play. Let’s go through the symbols so you can learn how to play buffalo slot machine games.

Scatter Symbol

In the Buffalo slot game, a Gold Liberty coin serves as the Scatter symbol.

If you spot three gold coins anywhere on the screen, even if they’re not on neighboring reels, you’ll be rewarded with two credits. When three or more gold coin scatters symbols appear on the screen, the free spins bonus round is immediately launched.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for Buffalo, in keeping with Aristocratic tradition, is the most lucrative symbol in the game.

The buffalo can cover an entire reel on a single spin every time this symbol comes on the screen, and as a stacked symbol, the buffalo can cover an entire reel on a single spin.

It is also possible to see a whole screen covered in buffalo symbols, resulting in massive jackpot prizes.

During the base game, the sunset symbols act as a wild symbol for the Buffalo slot. When the sunset wild symbols appear anywhere on the screen, it will instantly substitute for any other symbol on the screen except the scatter symbol to form winning combinations.

The sunset sign appears exclusively on the second, third, and fourth reels, but it can substitute for the pivotal and lucrative buffalo symbol, resulting in some of the game’s largest payouts.

During the free spins phase, the wild sunset symbol multiplies any winning combination by two times or three times. 

Other Key Symbols

Buffalo slot has five classic reels, each with four spaces and over a thousand betting options. Any of the 13 different symbols can be used to fill the reels, with each symbol having its paytable.

The low-value symbols are the traditional playing card ranks, which are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, from nine to ace.

  • Ace

Unsurprisingly, the Ace is the most important of the card emblems. It is symbolized by a green gemstone with a red-colored letter A engraved on it. Three of a kind pays ten times the stake each reel, four of a kind pays fifty times, and five of a kind pays one hundred times the bet per reel.

  • King

An orange letter K represents the King. Three of a kind pays ten times the wager per reel, four of a kind pays fifty times, and five of a kind pays one hundred times the wager each reel.

  • Queen

The letter Q, in yellow, represents the Queen. Three of a kind pays 5 times the stake every reel, four of a kind pays 20 times, and five of a kind pays 100 times the stake per reel.

  • Jack

The letter J in blue is used to signify Jack. Three of a kind pays 5 times the stake every reel, four of a kind pays 20 times, and five of a kind pays 100 times the stake per reel.

  • Ten

The number 10 in red represents the ten. Three of a kind pays 5x the stake every reel, four of a kind pays 10x the stake per reel, and five of a kind pays 100x the stake per reel.

  • Nine

The number 9 in green symbolizes the Nine. Two of a kind pays 2x every bet per reel, three of a kind pays 5x, four of a kind pays 10x, and five of a kind pays 100x.

Apart from the two special symbols (Scatters and Wilds) described earlier, the remaining five symbols are animals, namely the Buffalo, Puma, Eagle, Elk, and Wolf.

The Buffalo (or American Bison) is the only stacked symbol, as well as the highest paying. It pays 10x the wager per reel when two of a kind appear. Three of a kind pays 50 times the stake, four of a kind pays 100 times the stake, and a full house (five of a kind) pays 300 times the stake each reel.

The next most valued symbols in the Buffalo slot game are the Puma and the Eagle. Three of a kind pays 50x your bet every reel, while four of a kind pays 100x your bet per reel and five of a kind pays 150x your bet per reel.

The Buffalo Bonus Round

Buffalo slot machines are one of the most exciting in Las Vegas because of the bonus features.

When three or more Scatters appear on the screen, including non-purchased tiles/positions, the Free Spins bonus game is launched. The number of free spins awarded is determined by how many Scatter symbols appear on the reels.

If you get three Scatters, you’ll get eight free spins, fifteen free games if you get four Scatters, and twenty free spins if you get five Scatters.

The good news is that when you play the bonus round with free spins, you can get extra free games. When a pair of Scatters appear on the screen simultaneously during the bonus game, for example, you will be awarded five free spins.

That’s not all, however. When the Wild symbol appears anywhere on the screen, all free spin winnings are multiplied two or three times.

The multiplier is displayed on the board, and this is random. During the bonus game, the total win per spin can be multiplied up to twenty-seven times.

Thoughts on Buffalo Slots

While the casino game is rather straightforward in terms of features and free spin bonuses, the majority of low-limit players like Buffalo’s ability to reduce the number of reels in play while still having a chance to score a bonus.

The original Buffalo slot machine, along with its sequels and improvements, has become a fixture in casinos all over the world. A great game to start playing if you are looking to play at an online casino or land-based casino.

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