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Roulette is a popular casino game where players bet on single or various numbers, red or black color, odd or even number, or if the numbers are high or low. Players have been long in search of the best roulette strategy for promising payouts.

For first-timers, going to the casino for roulette betting might just be a test of luck but for seasoned players, the games can be defied by bringing a betting strategy into the field.

With all the roulette strategies in circulation, we have prepared a wealth of information about the factors that can affect roulette strategies, a list of all the best roulette strategies, and additional roulette tips that you might want to check for the most successful way to play in your chosen casino.

What factors affect roulette strategies?

Roulette winning factors

Before you choose to decide on which roulette strategy to use in your game, first it is important that you have an understanding of the things to consider when choosing from roulette strategies. The following are the factors that can affect roulette strategies:

Type of Player

Identifying the type of player that you are will help narrow down your choice of roulette strategy. You can be a high roller player who is willing to spend a huge amount of cash, a player who wants a low-risk play, or a novice to the game.

The house edge

Before choosing any betting strategy bear in mind the popular saying “The house always wins”. The house edge is the percentage that the casino takes from every bet made. The lower the house edge, the better for roulette players.

Type of Roulette Game

There are different types of roulette games and each comes with its own set of rules. The 3 popular types are American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. The different roulette type offers different betting options so you must understand the type of roulette game that you want to join in before choosing a certain strategy.

  • American Roulette – roulette wheel has two green number numbers as 0 and 00 with a house edge of 5.26%.
  • European Roulette – roulette wheel has one green pocket as 0 with a house edge of 2.7%.
  • French Roulette – same with European type, the roulette wheel has the same one green pocket as 0 with 1.35% house advantage.

Betting System

The types of betting systems are progressive and non-progressive. Progressive betting has the concept of increasing the amount of your bet after an outcome. A non-progressive betting system, on the other hand, does not increase the bet amount but rather sticks to a certain betting system. You can choose which type of betting system you want to use in your game.

Betting Limits

Deciding about your betting limits before you join a roulette game will help you choose what roulette strategy to use out of all the different roulette betting strategies.

Types of Bets

Your choice of the bet will determine which roulette strategy to use. The two major types of roulette bets are inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are bets placed on the numbers while outside bets are bets placed on other segments of the roulette table.

What are the best roulette strategies to use?

Best Roulette strategy to play and use

Now that you have understood the factors that you have to consider before you pick the best roulette strategy, here is a list of the best roulette strategies that work and you can use in your next roulette casino game.

8. Andrucci System

The Andrucci roulette betting strategy is based on chaos theory that aims to uncover a pattern to win at roulette.

In this roulette trick, you first watch the roulette wheel for 37 rounds then make sure to keep track of each pocket on the wheel. After each of the spins, you record the number where the wheel lands on. Once the rounds are complete, you check which numbers have appeared the most frequently. Then for the next 37 rounds, you bet on the numbers that have shown a lot of times as observed.

This system for roulette relies on luck and is for players that can take on high risks.

7.Reverse Labouchere System

Reverse Labouchere System is one of the progressive roulette betting systems where a player increases the stake after a loss and decreases the stake after a win. This roulette strategy is pegged to the theory that you can turn things around when you lose small amounts frequently but in return garner a big profit if you have a run of consecutive wins

Players who like fewer losses and maximized profits are well-suited for the Reverse Labouchere roulette winning strategy.

6. James Bond

The James bond betting strategy is a non-progressive roulette betting strategy that aims for the player to win at roulette by covering more than half of the table in bets. If you are a player who only plans to spend less time on the table, this is one of the best roulette strategies to use.

For this strategy for roulette, the player has to play by multiples of $200. There are three bets to remember. The first bet for $140, the player has to wager on a number from 19-36. Then, the player has to wager on a number from 13-18. Lastly, the player has to put $10 on the single zero.

5. Fibonacci

The Fibonacci betting strategy is a negative progression betting system where you increase your bets after every loss and popularly used on live dealer casino games. This system is named after the Fibonacci sequence which starts with 0 and 1 followed by the sum of the previous two numbers.

This sequence goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. For the Fibonacci betting strategy you can implement this on even money bets by starting with a minimum bet and if you win, increase it by one. If you win again, increase your wager by two. If you lose a round, you start over with the minimum bet and so on.

Risk-averse players, this roulette bet strategy is for you.

4. Paroli System

A Paroli System is a roulette strategy where you double the amount of your bet every time you win until three consecutive wins. When you lose a spin, you do not double your stake. This system is good for outside bets and popular among less aggressive novice or experienced players.

3. D’Alembert

D’Alembert is a roulette strategy based on even-money bets to get a roulette win. It is one of the most successful roulette strategies and a conservative betting strategy that is often used by novice players who want to play roulette safely and do not feel confident with double bets.

With this strategy to win roulette in casinos, you will be adding one unit to your next stake whenever you lose and reducing your stake by one unit when you win. This system will help you recoup your previous losses and give you a chance for better profits.

2. Labouchere

Labouchere is a popular roulette strategy where you set a goal of the winning total amount you want and divide the amount into a list of multiple wagers that sum up the amount. When you win, cancel out the first and last numbers on the list.

This roulette wheel strategy will be considered profitable and a successful roulette strategy if you avoid a lengthy losing streak in your roulette plays.

1. Martingale

The Martingale roulette system is one of the popular roulette strategies that is used in online roulette games as well as in brick-and-mortar casinos. Martingale’s system is a negative progression system where you increase your bets after every loss.

The idea behind the Martingale system as the best way to win at roulette is that even when you are on a losing streak if you win, the amount you get from winning will be significant to even cover your losses. (Source: Wiki)

This strategy for wheel roulette is designed for high roller players who want to make quick money from roulette in casinos. However, Martingale roulette strategy also carries a high risk of bankruptcy. So if you’re up for the challenge, then go ahead and use this system to win at roulette.

Additional Tips for Playing Roulette

  1. Setup an account that is just reserved for entertainment. Only use the amount from the funds you have pooled on this account when gambling. This way, you won’t have to take on heavy losses more than necessary.
  2. Bet within the limits of your fund. As a continuation of the first tip, make sure not to spend more than what you have to avoid getting into unnecessary and troubling debts.
  3. Don’t get too anxious if you didn’t bet on a previous number that won the next round or that you have failed to choose what you think should have been the most successful roulette strategy. This is a game of chance where anything can happen and there is neither the most profitable strategy nor perfect strategy.
  4. Enjoy while betting. Remember that aside from the profit you get, you are also in this roulette gambling for entertainment.

Roulette Strategies FAQs

Is there a roulette strategy that works on every game?

No, there is no specific roulette strategy that works every single time.

What are the best numbers to bet on roulette?

There are no best numbers to bet on roulette but we have popular bet numbers. The popular bet numbers are 17, 23, 24, and 7.

Are online roulette games fair?

Yes. Reputable online casinos have their games tested regularly to make sure that the app generates unpredictable and fair results.

Do I need to pay taxes for my payout on roulette?

That depends on the country where you live. For example in the UK, players don’t need to pay their taxes because gambling tax is already taken into account for every bet.

There you have it, the best roulette strategies to use. You may not always know how to always win at roulette but understanding the available strategies will give you an advantage over players who come unprepared.

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